Grill speedster

Mobile and practical

Would you like a barbecue that is easy to move and suitable for a variety of uses? Then this Grill-Flitzer is the perfect solution for you!

With this barbecue speedster, you can take your barbecue to any party, event or other occasion. It is ideal for private use, for commercial purposes or even for camping vacations.

Item number:

Grill-Flitzer: GFMM-FG-0009
Höhenverstellbares Grillrost: GFMM-FG-0010
Dutch Oven Halterung: GFMM-FG-0011
Flammlachshalterung: GFMM-FG-0012
Ablage: GFMM-FG-0013

Product description

It is constructed like a wheelbarrow in a stylish design and can be continuously expanded.
1. basic equipment: the mobile fire bowl
2. height-adjustable holder for a grill grate (grill grate included)
3. flame salmon holder
4. a holder is provided on the handle of the wheelbarrow as a shelf.
For example, there can be a Krombacher party top with a 5L fresh keg.
The shelf on the other side could be used for grilled food etc.
5. Dutch Oven holder

The “Grill-Flitzer” can always be raised to a new level with the aforementioned extensions to experience an unforgettable outdoor barbecue adventure.


Gerd and Mario Frieler

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